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01 oct. 07:58 North Narrabeen

SurfLove's photo of North Narrabeen got picked for photo of the day.

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Deep Cruising at Narrabeen on a fine winter's day.

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30 sept. 02:46


Mesmorising Hurricane Spit

There's a wave in California which is hypnotising, popular and horrendously tricky to take off on.

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29 sept. 02:45 Les Estagnots
Hughesie A

Hughesie A's photo of Les Estagnots got picked for photo of the day.

Photo of the day

Dane Reynolds at Quikkie Pro France

01 oct. 02:02 Cow Bay
Dugald Thomson

Dugald Thomson posted a photo of Cow Bay.

Cow Bay

#HurricaneEdouard showed up a little late but delivered one of the best days of the year - light offshore winds first thing in the morning just as the swell peaked. Early risers were rewarded as the swell faded and wind came up by the afternoon.

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30 sept. 12:59
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The Dreams Goes on,...

The Dreams Goes on, and on, at Desert Point

Endless dreams hooping down the reef at Deserts in Lombok. Warning, user must pay to play.

30 sept. 09:50
Feature 3

North Atlantic Winter Kicks Off, Quik...

North Atlantic Winter Kicks Off, Quik Pro in Firing Line.

October brings us the first serious North Atlantic swell of the season. We break down the numbers.