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Grey Star
2.5ft 10secs 228° 28mph ENE - Offshore - 73°
 Faroe Islands
Star Grey Star Grey Star
4.5ft 11secs 261° 18mph SSE - Cross shore - 150°
Grey Star
1ft 16secs 192° 50mph ESE - Offshore - 105°
Grey Star Grey Star
11.5ft 7secs 135° 50mph ESE - Onshore - 105°
Grey Star
1ft 16secs 192° 46mph ESE - Offshore - 104°
Grey Star
1.5ft 16secs 188° 22mph SE - Onshore - 140°
4.5ft 5secs 93° 11mph ESE - Cross shore - 122°
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Open to swells from every direction, with numerous set-ups which can produce world class waves, catching these spots working can be tricky. Cold is obviously an issue as is very limited light in the prolific winter season. During the summer light is no problem but tricky winds and a lack of swell can be, though you have time to wait for spots to light-up. Water temperature in winter are only just above freezing but improved wetsuits are opening this previously closed environment.
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Local News
News Image Surf the Amazon
Imagine surfing the world’s longest wave, up the world’s greatest river, miles from civilisation and deep within the most impressive rainforest on earth. Adventure tour operator Ativa Adventures wants to make that image reality by offering trips for advanced surfers to ride the mighty Pororoca tidal bore on the Amazon River in Brazil. This is an extreme adventure, with real dangers, and miles away from civilisation. Crocodiles, snakes, piranhas, and a wall of white water tearing up everything in its path... But if we get it right, and we have everything in place to ensure that we do, you will experience the most beautiful sight a surfer will EVER get to see. Amazing lefts and rights, barrels that last for minutes, all while surrounded by the stunning, ecologically diverse and completely fascinating Amazon rainforest. Here is an extract from a journal kept by one of our first travellers to the Pororoca:
News Image ASP Women’s World Title Race Heats Up at Billabong Girls Pro Rio
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Wednesday, September 3, 2008) – The ASP Top 17 will return to Brazil this coming week to prepare for the Billabong Girls Pro Rio, event No 4 of 8 on the 2008 ASP Women’s World Tour, and with the race for the ASP Women’s World Title in full swing, the performance levels are sure to be heightened in the playful beachbreaks of Barra de Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
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