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Conditions Summary
 Talafofo Bay
Grey Star
1.5ft 9secs 83° 10mph NNE - Onshore - 30°
0ft 0secs 0° 6mph SE - Onshore - 141°
1ft 9secs 13° 5mph SE - Cross shore - 139°
 Nan Madol
1ft 9secs 13° 5mph SE - Onshore - 139°
 Pohnpei (Palikir-Pass)
2.5ft 11secs 359° 6mph SE - Offshore - 141°
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More than 2000 islands make up Micronesia, included in this are the Carolines. Breaks here are all reefbreaks. Two distinct swells seasons exist here, with the primary season from from September to May, as swells move down from the North Pacific storms. This shifts to a southerly or eastern direction from the Western Pacific for the remainder of the year. Swells move up from the east, generated by trade winds east of Pohnpei, and south-west swells created by monsoon winds. Pohnpei's P-Pass is a world class right on the north-western edge which comes alive during the primary season. Out of season other, less well known breaks start to work on the eastern and south-western sides of the islands. Water temperatures are a warm 25 to 27ºC or 77 to 81ºF year-round.
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Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo
Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo
Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo
Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo Talafofo Bay Photo
Local News
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