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Western Australia is the largest state, but it has the lowest population density of any state in Australia and maybe even the world. Travelling to the northwest-facing coast takes the word ?remote? to another level and accordingly most surf spots are uncrowded, with the exception of the world-class lefts at Gnaraloo. The natural habitat is rich and diverse along with the unique wildlife that surrounds it, especially along the 280km (125mi) long Ningaloo Reef. Large numbers of fish, whales, turtles, dugongs and dolphins frequent the reef including the world's largest shark! Get used to sharing the surf with many dangerous species as WA is renowned for having some of the sharkiest waters in the world
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+ Heaps of quality spots
+ World-class lefts
+ Mostly uncrowded
+ Very high consistency
+ Unique wildlife & diving
- Challenging waves
- Strong wind factor
- Remote break accesses
- Far from Perth
- Natural dangers & no hospital
Northwest Coast
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Guide icon Forecast icon Blow Holes Grey Star Grey Star Grey Star Grey Star 4.5ft 14secs 245° 22mph Brief Showers No Reports Available. Beachbreak Peaks Rock Ledge and Sand 6
S - W Easterly All Tides
Guide icon Forecast icon Dunes/Surfer's Beach 0ft 0secs 0° 13mph Sunny No Reports Available. No Data Available No Data Available No Data Available
No Data Available
No Data Available No Data Available No Data Available