Norvège Surf Reports et Surf Forecasts

Norvège Surf Reports et Surf Forecasts

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Breathtaking, cold, empty and open to Arctic swells, Norway's wave battered coastline is a rare surfing frontier. Facing north-west a south-easterly is predominately offshore. Strong winds and short period swells dominate but the varied geography can accommodate multiple options. The lack of daylight in winter, when the best swell arrives is an intractable issue. The flip-side being almost continuous light throughout the summer. Really only surfed in since the 1990s as wetsuit technology developed, there now exists a thriving little surfing community, but with little infrastructure in terms of surf shops or hire centres.

29 déc. 09:59 Byberg

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Windy session at Byberg.

Windy session at Byberg.

17 déc. 01:50 Karmøy

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#Sandvesurf, #bumby

#Sandvesurf, #bumby

27 oct. 01:11 Saltstein
Harald Beyer

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A lot of surfers where gathered this Sunday afternoon.

22 oct. 12:30
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How to Survive a Surf Trip in Arctic...

How to Survive a Surf Trip in Arctic Norway

Every surf trip requires planning but if your destination is somewhere just a minuscule percentage of earth’s humankind choose to reside, you better put some serious effort in when it comes to preparing.

19 août 12:49 Hoddevika

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