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Sri Noa Noa

This trip takes you to following islands and breaks east of Bali including:

Nusa Lembongan: Shipwrecks, Lacerations and Playgrounds
Lombok: Desert Point and all breaks along the south coast
West Sumbawa: Scar Reef, Super Suck, Yo-Yo's plus others.

Such range of waves caters for surfers or all abilities and unlike the local Indonesian charter boats, Sri Noa Noa takes the south coast of Lombok giving you access to breaks like Belongas, Maui and Ekas pretty much guaranteeing you some empty or uncrowded sessions. Your captain has extensive experience in the area and will get you to the best waves on the given conditions.


Day 1 Early morning pickup from your hotel in Bali, transfer to Benoa Harbour, board Sri Noa Noa and depart for Nusa Lembongan, arriving around lunch time and your first surf. Depart for Desert Point after dinner, arriving before dawn on Day 2.

Day 2+ Awake early and check conditions. If Desert Point is on, surf it and stay for as long as it's on, otherwise take south coast of Lombok (conditions permitting) route to breaks in West Sumbawa region. If you like, you can stop off at the various breaks along the south coast to avoid the crowds.

Second Last Day On the second last day, if not sooner, you will start the return journey, via Desert Point. On the evening of the last day you will make your way back to Nusa Lembongan, arriving before dawn.

Last Day Wake up at Nusa Lembongan, surf for the morning, then back to Benoa Harbour, and final transfer back to your hotel or airport.

The Boat

Teak & ironwood construction twin masted schooner. Built in Benoa in 1977 by ex-Americas Cup sailor Philippe Petiniaud. Local design (straight keel and shallow draft) allows access to lagoons and other sheltered areas. Use of all on board equipment including full range of snorkeling and fishing gear, CD, IPod, cassette, radio, good collection of music and books, plus an acoustic guitar. A wholesome and healthy array of Asian and Western foods in included in your charter price, as are beers (3 per day), bottled water, juices and soft drinks.

The Crew

Your captain Heri, fluent in English, is fully qualified with 10 years experience operating the Sri Noa Noa between Bali & Timor. The seas is this region are his back yard. He knows all the tide, wind and swell conditions for each break, ensuring you surf the best waves.

Wayan (chef) and Yosi (deck hand and runnabout driver) have 15 years combined experience working with Sri Noa Noa and deliver a very high level of service. The crew always receive excellent feedback from our customers.


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