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Hot Dog Surf
Double Overhead
Gower Surf Co
Lobster Bob
Calusa Surf
Big Drop Surf Shop
Surf & Snow
Turf & Surf
City Surf Skate & Snow
The Edge (Neath)
Pretty Vacant
City Surf Shops
Rip Curl - Swansea
Point Break Surf, Skate & Snow
Porthcawl Marine Surf Shop
Temple Court
Gower Kite Riders
Big Drop
About Surfing UK + Ireland
With an incredibly varied coastline and almost every imaginable kind of beach and reef set-up available the UK and Ireland offer a huge variety of waves to the surfer prepared to suffer cold in the winter and a regular battering from strong coastal winds. North Cornwall and Ireland offer the most consistent coastlines, although the variety of rock reef and dominant offshore winds in the North East make the most of every drop of swell. While a shallow continental shelf drains a little power from incoming systems the North Atlantic in winter is the most prolific swell generating area on the planet so with a little imagination waves can be found almost everyday outside the less consistent mid summer months.
Surf Shops
Shops supplying surf boards, wetsuits, clothing, leashes, wax, deck pads, fins, DVDs and anything you might need to go surfing.
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