West Bay Wave Buoy

3:30 - Sat 23rd Aug 2014 All times are BST. 1 hours from GMT.

  • Sig Wave height 1.1ft
  • Max Wave Height 2.2ft
  • Swell Direction
  • Peak Period 4s
  • Average Period 4s
  • West Bay
  • West Bay

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Comparision Forecast

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sam. 08/23 3:30 1.1ft 4s 2ft 4s
3:00 1.1ft 6s 1.6ft 4s
2:30 1.3ft 6s 1.6ft 4s
2:00 1.4ft 3s 2ft 3s
1:30 1.4ft 5s 2.5ft 4s
1:00 1.5ft 3s 2ft 3s
12:30 1.5ft 5s 2ft 4s
12:00 1.4ft 5s 2.5ft 3s
ven. 08/22 11:30 1.4ft 5s 2ft 3s
11:00 1.4ft 4s 2ft 3s
10:30 1.5ft 4s 2ft 3s
10:00 1.6ft 5s 2ft 3s
9:30 1.6ft 5s 2.5ft 3s
9:00 1.6ft 5s 3ft 3s
8:30 1.8ft 4s 2ft 3s
8:00 1.8ft 5s 2.5ft 3s
7:30 1.8ft 5s 2.5ft 3s
7:00 1.8ft 5s 3ft 3s
6:30 1.9ft 5s 2.5ft 3s
6:00 1.9ft 5s 3ft 3s
5:30 1.9ft 6s 3ft 3s
5:00 1.7ft 5s 3ft 3s
4:30 1.7ft 5s 3ft 3s
4:00 1.7ft 6s 2.5ft 3s
3:30 1.7ft 6s 2.5ft 3s
3:00 1.8ft 6s 3.5ft 4s
2:30 1.7ft 5s 2.5ft 4s
2:00 1.8ft 4s 2.5ft 4s
1:30 1.9ft 5s 2.5ft 4s
1:00 2ft 4s 3ft 4s
12:30 1.9ft 5s 3ft 4s
12:00 2ft 5s 2.5ft 4s
11:30 2ft 6s 3.5ft 4s
11:00 2ft 6s 3.5ft 4s
10:30 2ft 6s 3.5ft 4s
10:00 2.5ft 5s 3ft 4s
9:30 2.5ft 4s 4ft 3s
9:00 2.5ft 5s 4ft 4s
8:30 2.5ft 5s 3.5ft 4s
8:00 2.5ft 6s 4ft 4s
7:30 3ft 6s 4.5ft 4s
7:00 2.5ft 5s 5ft 4s
6:30 3ft 4s 4ft 4s
6:00 3ft 4s 4.5ft 4s
5:30 3ft 5s 5ft 4s
5:00 3ft 4s 5.5ft 4s
4:30 3ft 5s 5ft 4s
4:00 3ft 5s 5ft 4s
3:30 3ft 5s 5ft 4s
3:00 3.5ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
2:30 3.5ft 5s 6ft 4s
2:00 3ft 5s 7ft 4s
1:30 3.5ft 5s 5ft 4s
1:00 3.5ft 5s 5ft 4s
12:30 3.5ft 5s 6.5ft 4s
12:00 3ft 5s 5ft 4s
jeu. 08/21 11:30 3ft 5s 4.5ft 4s
11:00 3ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
10:30 3ft 5s 4.5ft 4s
10:00 3.5ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
9:30 3.5ft 5s 5ft 4s
9:00 3.5ft 5s 5ft 4s
8:30 3.5ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
8:00 3.5ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
7:30 3.5ft 5s 6.5ft 4s
7:00 3.5ft 5s 5ft 4s
6:30 4ft 5s 6ft 4s
6:00 3.5ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
5:30 3.5ft 5s 6ft 4s
5:00 4ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
4:30 4ft 5s 5ft 4s
4:00 3.5ft 5s 5.5ft 4s
3:30 3ft 4s 5.5ft 3s
3:00 2.5ft 4s 5ft 3s
2:30 2ft 4s 4.5ft 3s
2:00 2ft 4s 3.5ft 3s
1:30 2.5ft 4s 3ft 3s
1:00 2ft 4s 3.5ft 3s
12:30 2ft 4s 4.5ft 3s
12:00 2ft 4s 3.5ft 3s
11:30 1.9ft 4s 3.5ft 3s
11:00 1.7ft 3s 3.5ft 3s
10:30 1.6ft 3s 2.5ft 3s
10:00 1.4ft 3s 2ft 3s
9:30 1ft 9s 2ft 3s
9:00 0.8ft 13s 1.4ft 4s
8:30 0.8ft 13s 1.1ft 4s
8:00 0.8ft 13s 1.1ft 4s
7:30 0.8ft 13s 1.2ft 3s
7:00 0.8ft 13s 1.2ft 3s
6:30 0.9ft 8s 1.1ft 3s
6:00 0.9ft 13s 1ft 3s
5:30 1ft 3s 1.4ft 3s
5:00 1ft 13s 1.4ft 3s
4:30 1ft 9s 1.4ft 3s
4:00 1ft 13s 1.6ft 3s
3:30 1.1ft 9s 1.5ft 3s
3:00 1.1ft 4s 1.6ft 3s
2:30 1.2ft 4s 1.6ft 3s
2:00 1.3ft 4s 1.9ft 3s
1:30 1.3ft 4s 2ft 3s
1:00 1.3ft 4s 2ft 3s
12:30 1.4ft 4s 2ft 3s
12:00 1.3ft 4s 2.5ft 3s
mer. 08/20 11:30 1.3ft 4s 2ft 3s
11:00 1.3ft 4s 1.9ft 3s
10:30 1.4ft 4s 1.7ft 3s
10:00 1.3ft 4s 2ft 3s
9:30 1.5ft 4s 1.8ft 3s
9:00 1.6ft 4s 2ft 3s
8:30 1.6ft 4s 2.5ft 3s
8:00 1.4ft 4s 2.5ft 3s
7:30 1.3ft 3s 2.5ft 3s
7:00 1.2ft 3s 1.8ft 3s
6:30 1.2ft 3s 1.6ft 3s
6:00 1.4ft 3s 1.7ft 3s
5:30 1.3ft 3s 1.7ft 3s
5:00 1.5ft 3s 1.8ft 3s
4:30 1.4ft 3s 2.5ft 3s
4:00 1.5ft 3s 1.7ft 3s
3:30 1.5ft 3s 2ft 3s
3:00 1.6ft 3s 2ft 3s
2:30 1.6ft 3s 2.5ft 3s
2:00 1.4ft 3s 2.5ft 3s
1:30 1.3ft 3s 2ft 3s
1:00 1.2ft 3s 1.8ft 3s
12:30 1ft 11s 1.7ft 3s
12:00 1ft 11s 1.5ft 3s
11:30 1ft 10s 1.4ft 3s
11:00 0.8ft 10s 1.4ft 4s
10:30 0.9ft 10s 1.2ft 5s
10:00 0.9ft 10s 1.1ft 5s
9:30 0.9ft 11s 1.1ft 5s
9:00 0.9ft 11s 1.1ft 5s
8:30 0.9ft 10s 1.3ft 6s
8:00 1ft 10s 1.2ft 6s
7:30 0.8ft 10s 1.4ft 5s
7:00 0.9ft 10s 1.1ft 5s
6:30 0.8ft 10s 1.2ft 5s
6:00 0.8ft 10s 1.1ft 4s
5:30 0.9ft 11s 1.2ft 4s
5:00 1ft 11s 1.2ft 4s
4:30 0.9ft 11s 1.1ft 3s
4:00 1ft 11s 1.4ft 3s
3:30 1.1ft 11s 1.6ft 3s
3:00 1ft 11s 1.5ft 3s
2:30 1.2ft 11s 1.6ft 3s
2:00 1.2ft 11s 1.6ft 3s
1:30 1.2ft 11s 1.6ft 3s
1:00 1.3ft 12s 2ft 3s
12:30 1.3ft 12s 2.5ft 3s
12:00 1.4ft 12s 1.8ft 3s
mar. 08/19 11:30 1.4ft 12s 2ft 3s
11:00 1.4ft 3s 2ft 3s
10:30 1.5ft 4s 2ft 3s
10:00 1.3ft 3s 2.5ft 3s
9:30 1.3ft 4s 1.9ft 3s
9:00 1.1ft 13s 1.9ft 3s
8:30 1.2ft 13s 1.7ft 3s
8:00 1.2ft 3s 2ft 3s
7:30 1.3ft 12s 1.9ft 3s
7:00 1.3ft 3s 1.8ft 3s
6:30 1.2ft 3s 2ft 3s
6:00 1.2ft 3s 1.6ft 3s
5:30 1.2ft 3s 1.6ft 3s
5:00 1.4ft 12s 2ft 3s
4:30 1.3ft 3s 2ft 3s
4:00 1.2ft 3s 1.9ft 3s
3:30 1.2ft 3s 1.7ft 3s
3:00 1ft 12s 1.6ft 3s
2:30 1ft 13s 1.8ft 3s
2:00 1ft 8s 1.4ft 3s
1:30 1ft 6s 1.2ft 3s
1:00 1ft 3s 1.3ft 3s
12:30 1.1ft 3s 1.4ft 3s
12:00 1.1ft 4s 1.5ft 3s
11:30 1.1ft 4s 1.6ft 3s
11:00 1.1ft 6s 1.5ft 3s
10:30 1.1ft 4s 1.8ft 3s
10:00 1.1ft 4s 1.5ft 3s
9:30 1.1ft 4s 1.8ft 3s
9:00 1.1ft 4s 1.6ft 3s
8:30 1.1ft 3s 1.9ft 3s
8:00 1.2ft 4s 2ft 3s
7:30 1.2ft 3s 1.6ft 3s
7:00 1.2ft 3s 1.6ft 3s
6:30 1.3ft 3s 1.8ft 3s
6:00 1.3ft 4s 1.9ft 3s
5:30 1.3ft 4s 2ft 3s
5:00 1.2ft 3s 1.8ft 3s