Surf Report
20 août 11:47
Jim Hurt

Jim Hurt checked the surf at Tamarindo.


  • 3ft


8hr ago (GMT)

Another something to ride day, 3-3+ weak and rideable. Been the same for awhile now. Calm and glassy under grey skies, with middles and inside offering waves, connecting to the inside.
Photo: This morning, Diria Zone (surf school)...

La Vidéo du jour
20 août 12:45
Video of the day

Riding the Rabbit's Foot

Shaper Ryan Lovelace's innovative board design in action

20 août 12:23

Fergal Smith – Polytunnels and Water-Tunnels | Growing Ep 13

Ferg Brings us some fun looking Rileys in episode 13 of his on-going series Growing

Surf Report
20 août 05:47

GoneKayaking checked the surf at Deerfield Beach.

Deerfield Beach

Light Breeze, De mer

11hr ago (GMT)

East swell < 1 ft, East wind < 5 mph, Water temperature 87 F

Surf Report
20 août 02:34

Playa Santa Teresa

  • 3ft

Light Breeze, De terre

12hr ago (GMT)

2-3ft waves with light rain and overcast skies... light offshore winds. small and fat waves today. instagram @insecto FB carlos palacios photography

Surf Report
20 août 12:18

Cloud 9

  • 2ft

Light Breeze, De travers

13hr ago (GMT)

morning swell semi clean in the afternoon swell bit messy swell in the range of 2FT ENE waist to chest high with few semi clean and good barreling set, the light winds blowing offshore all day., the sun shine with scattered rain shower. from morning til afternoon crowd continue


Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) affecting Eastern Visayas.