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JavaScript Engineer

Sick of the corporate grind? Unsatisfied by an endless stream of uninteresting client work? Stuck inland wishing you were by the coast? We're recruiting talented, motivated developers for our small team. Join us in building one of the world's most popular surf applications and enjoy the perks of working with like minded people based just a few minutes from the surf.

We’re looking for a skilled, passionate, knowledgeable and driven javascript developer / rockstar to join our team based in Kingsbridge, South Devon. You’ll be familiar with; Backbone, Node, AMD, Promises, Async, Deferreds, MVC to name a few..

You’ll know your way around the DOM, and be able to unleash javascript on the command line.

You’ll know how to build test-driven, clean, efficient and lean javascript modules in AMD and commonJS patterns, and be actively working to find better and more innovative ways to make your code perform & scale.

You’ll be ready to compete with our UI Engineers to see who can get the best performance gains, and fastest page renders. If you recognise that your way is better, you’ll be able to prove it concisely.

You’ll be shipping code from day one & working with a team of skilled backend developers who have modelled & exposed our application endpoints via RESTful API’s.

Required Skills & Experience:

Computer Science or related/relevant University Degree or; equivalent & demonstrable industry experience.

Minimum 2 Years experience (with a Degree, or 4 years experience without) in developing complex and well architected web applications.

Should be an expert in Javascript and keep up to date with the latest JS tech.

Should be able to contribute to architectural discussions about; Modular JS, performance and optimisation.

Should have a passion for Javascript architecture, and leading Javascript practices, demonstrated through side projects or open source contributions.

Project-based experience with the following technologies:

  • Javascript
    • Backbone
    • jQuery
    • Underscore
    • Node
    • TDD: PhantomJS / Mocha / Jasmine
  • CSS3
    • LESS
  • HTML5
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Selenium


Experienced / Comfortable with LAMP development. Ideally 2 years experience.

Understands Agile, and can subscribe to an agile workflow quickly and efficiently.

Experienced GIT user - able to discuss branching, merging and rebasing strategies on a issue / story / epic basis, able to resolve conflicts, write hooks & write custom git configs.

Modular JS Expert - able to lead with modular architecture decisions and implement / design new patterns.

Able to lead architectural discussions about JS performance and optimisation.

  • Javascript
    • Grunt/Gulp
    • Express
    • Angular
    • Underscore templates / Mustache / Handlebars
    • Carto/Maps libraries (google, leaflet etc)
  • GIT
    • Using GIT daily for branching & rebasing


  • Push changes to 1.5 million people daily.
  • A fast paced, challenging work environment without the constraints of client work or corporate bullshit.
  • Exactly as you'd expect from a surf lifestyle company 95% of your co-workers surf and we operate a flexitime schedule that'll allow you to get to the beach when there are waves along with cost price kit and other benefits.
  • A relaxed working environment that nonetheless focuses on the very best professional practices: test driven development, continuous integration and an ongoing quest for the best solutions in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

Application Requirements

We want the right person, not just the right boxes ticked. If you mention experience of a technology in your CV we'd appreciate some supporting evidence if you have it - code examples are always a huge benefit. Likewise we take pride in creating a team you'd want to be part of so a covering letter with a little more information about yourself and why you feel you'd be a good fit is always really encouraged.

Please note the role is based in our offices in Kingsbridge, South Devon, United Kingdom and you either need to be a UK resident or eligible to work here and prepared to relocate.

Email careers@magicseaweed.com with your CV and covering letter.

Please send CV's to careers@magicseaweed.com.

*You don't need to be surfer to work for us. We design and build a web application, not laze around at the beach. Although if you have an interest in it or another action sport of a similar nature you may receive a high 5 so definitely mention it.

Current Job Opportunities

JavaScript Engineer

Kingsbridge, United Kingdom


Kingsbridge, United Kingdom

“I love to surf and I love to code, developing software at Magicseaweed is like no other job in the world.”

Gavin Cooper, Software Engineer

“You're able to influence how the most popular world wide surf forecast is developed.”

Adam Primmer, Graphic Designer