Brown Brothers vs Slab

by on Wednesday 21st October, 2009   12303 Views

Kerby and Cortney ventured out into huge, windy and dangerous conditions to try and surf a crazy off shore slab on the bottom coast of Australia. Cortney gets swallowed up by a 20ft monster and not long after Kerby sucks his leash into the intake of the ski, leaving them stranded at sea in huge swells. The guys had to be rescued and spent the rest of the day getting towed through the rough and treacherous conditions to safety.
I’ll go ahead and say it: The slab wins this day. Shit, I got scared just watching from California! There’s something wrong with that wave, like it was sent from hell or something… no thanks.

Justin Cote, TransworldSurf
For more of the Brown Brothers’ antics go to www.thebrownbrothers.com

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