Evan Geiselman at Teahupoo

by on Wednesday 1st August, 2012   11919 Views

EVAN Geiselman grew up in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and it didn’t look anything like this.

Evan is known for his airs, his skin tone reflects hours surfing in pleasant climes and he’s replete with a finner up there with anyone. But that don’t cut it anymore, it isn’t enough to just be an air guy, John John kicked that to the curb. Evan knows this and he’s in the frame of mind to put in the time with waves of consequence.

You might have seen the ferocious curvature of Teahupoo a 1000 times, but this rearing impenetrable wall hugging a plunging coral curb ain’t got any friendlier. Even at a few feet pushing yourself over that inverted ledge whilst eyeballing the dry reef in front of you is terrifying.

Doing it at double overhead having never surfed there before? Well that’s something worth watching and it doesn’t come easy. Evan has to pay his Tahitian dues.

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