Kassia Meador in The Heart & The Sea

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Featuring the graceful glide of Kassia Meador, this is an excerpt from The Heart & The Sea, an award winning left-of-centre surf film by independent Australian filmmaker Nathan Oldfield.

Over three years in the making, The Heart & The Sea explores the joy which lies at the very centre of a surfing life: family, friends and a shared intimacy with the sea. Filmed in Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain, this is a gentle and refreshing contribution to the surf bibliography.

“After much codec wrangling and boring, complicated geeky stuff, I’ve finally got my film onto iTunes worldwide.” Said Nathan “You can finally download and watch the whole film now in full, saturated, lush HD. And to celebrate, I’ve released this excerpt from the film online, featuring the elegant sliding of the lovely Ms Kassia Meador.”

For more information head to nathanoldfield.com

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