Killer Waves in Ayampe, Ecuador along with an amazing Surf, Spanish and Yoga School Otra Ola

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Yoga © 2014 Otra Ola

Rio Chico © 2014 Otra Ola

Ayampe is blessed with amazing waves in both the southern and northern season, it is so no wonder then that it is one of Ecuador’s newest surf destinations. The community is growing with each season that passes but it is still retaining its authentic Ecuadorian appeal.  There are many options for accommodations ranging from basic to luxurious.  Otra Ola is the first and only Organic Cafe in Ayampe.  Our focus is to provide an opportunity for our clients to sample the delicious delicacies that Mother Nature has blessed us with.  We are doing our part to leave as little of a footprint as we can on our environment one example of this is our composting toilet.  We also provide daily Yoga classes by a certified teacher as well as private classes upon request.  For more information on Otra Ola our surf, spanish or yoga classes, the town of Ayampe or the surf scene please contact us at info@otraola.com or check out our website www.otraola.com

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