Photo Of The Month Competition Results

by on Monday 8th September, 2008   3845 Views

A big Thank You has to go out to everyone who submitted photos this month.

A special mention has also got to go to everyone who had voted and rated on there favourite photos.

There have been some great comments and interaction between users over most of the top pics.

Sadly though, we have had to pick the best of the best to win this months, Globe photo of the month.

Our Professional division winners are 2 users that submitted some of the most talked about photos.

© 2014 40

Lagundri Bay - Nias © 2014 Paul Kennedy

Well done to Both 40 and Paul Kennedy.

Our Amateur winner posted the following photo which in our mind really captured the essence of surfing and being the water and judging by the rest of our users comments, they all felt the same.

© 2014 Technicolour Monkey

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