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The BoardX House is fully designed to the needs of surfers. When coming home after a session you can take a shower and rinse & dry your suit before entering the building. At the basement level a rack availible to store surfboards safely.

Your appartment looks over the infamous ‘Point de Imsouane’, this long righthander often peels over 700m. Each apparment has a balcony equiped with a BBQ.

All residents of the BoardX house can enjoy the terrace on the roof and the joint pool. From the terrace you can enjoy the view over the second bay with a beachbreak and the rigthhander pointbreak called ‘La Cathedral’.

The 3 apartments are identical and offer 3 bedrooms each. This adds up to a total amount of 8 beds per apartment. The aparment is equiped with a bathroom, shower, separate toilet, and equiped kitchen. The kitchen and living room are an open space overlooking the BBQ equiped balcony and the famous bay of Imsouane. In the basement each apartment has room to store about 20 boards.

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Imsouane: The Point/Bay

The Imsouane Pointbreak is one of the longest rights Morocco has to offer. On good days the 700m waves takes you to the last beach of the bay. A little extra: the wave works over sandy bottom.

The wave works best at low tide and shows the best of its skills during low spring tide. The spot needs really big swell to work at high tide.
The wide N to ZW swell window picks up lots of availible swell. The waves wrap around the reeflike peninsula and enter the bay as clean waves. When other spots in this part of Morocco can’t handle the big and heavy NW swell, the bay is still surfable.
Going in and out of the water couldn’t be easier. You can walk and peddle out protected by the harbour wall. On bigger days you can jump of the reef behind the wall where the currents in the deeper water suck you towards the peak.

The only downside you might encounter are the rips near the peak. Don’t worry they will only take you inside the bay. You need to peddle a little to stay in place, but as soon as you catch a nice wave you get a nice long ride to the beach. Just take a walk back to the harbour wall and go for another ride. At low tide you just walk on the sand, if you plan on surfing longer untill incomming tide, you might want to wear booties to walk on the rocks.

The best wind direction for the Point is NE, even when the stronger N-winds start blowing because of the heat, the spot is sheltered and still receives clean waves. After heavy storms the bank can be pretty steep providing some hollow sections along the wave. If you combine this with spring tide you get one of those magic days. If the bay is loosing its pump due to incomming tide, you might want to check out la Cathédrale.

Imsouane: La Cathédrale

La Cathédrale is a westerly oriented bay, it always catches a bit more swell but is less sheltered from the winds. The spot works best from early mid to early high tide and from dropping hightide to early low tide. This makes it a spot that works pretty often.

The wave starts working from the rocky point and runs along the sandy beach. You might encounter some rocks but it’s only a 1% chance.

The point works best with 1,5m swell and holds up to 3m max. To peddle out stay close to the rocks and the current will suck you out.

At hightide the same bay offers a nice beachbreak in the center of the bay near Planet Surf and near the rivermouth (that hardly ever has water runing) .

The south side of the bay offers a small fast reefbreak.

The ideal wind direction is E. N and NW winds provide choppy waves!

At low tide check the Point.


Booking the BoardX house can only be done online through this bookingform. After filling out the form, you will receive a confirmation through e-mail with all info of payment. When the money reaches our account we send you a confirmation and all latest info.

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