Grande Terre Surfing

About Grande Terre

Together with Barbados, Guadeloupe is one of the east Caribbean's most consistent surf destinations. As well as regular trade wind swell it also receives N swell produced by cold fronts moving off the US East Coast in winter. Like Barbados however the waves are often windy and rarely get bigger than twelve foot. French-governed Guadeloupe consists of two main islands joined in the middle, which viewed from above, reveal a butterfly shape. It is a 'Department' of France, linked to the Paris government but retaining some regional autonomy. Compared to the rest of the Caribbean, thanks to the language, currency and French-influenced culture, Guadeloupe feels very much like the motherland, although it has its own unique 'Creole' style. Locals are generally proud to be both French and Guadeloupé.


  • Small easy waves

  • Good alternative water sports

  • Laid back Caribbean atmosphere


  • Sloppy onshore waves

  • School crowds

  • Tourist development

  • Pricey

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