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With excellent surf at both ends of Java (G-Land to the east and the Cimaja area to the west), one could reasonably expect the remaining 1,000km (625mi) of south-facing coastline to conceal many more gems. Unfortunately, this is not the case and central Java has never been highlighted as a prime surf destination for a few good reasons. A spine of volcanoes dominate the south of the island, so consequently most of the coast is lined with dangerous black-sand shorebreaks with few points where the swell can wrap and get groomed by the SE trades. Many breaks rely on shifty sandbanks and unusual swell directions to produce quality waves. Unlike Sumatra, isolation and tricky access aren't to blame here, since Java's 110 million inhabitants often utilize the island's many coastal resorts. Fortunately, the laidback atmosphere and beautiful scenery make up for the lack of epic waves and surfers consider Pangandaran as the place to be. Located on an isthmus of a teardrop-shaped peninsula near the west Java/central Java border, Pangandaran is a popular beach resort for both domestic tourists from the city of Bandung and backpackers looking to add a few beach days to their cultural tour of the island. The traditional fishing village has long understood the profit it could gain from its long black-sand beach lined with coconut palms and is slowly turning into one of the largest Javanese beach resorts.


  • Mellow waves

  • No crowds

  • Warm water

  • Laidback atmosphere

  • Java culture centres


  • Lack of high class waves

  • Poor beachbreaks

  • Regular onshore winds

  • No flights to Pangandaran

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