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Ombak Indah (Beautiful Wave) Losmen is located in a very remote part of mainland south Sumatra in the Krui area. The area is relatively new on the surfing map and has only recently seen westerns chasing the great waves in the area.

English is hardly spoken nor understood and you'll often be an attraction for the locals, who, while sometimes are shy, are friendly, helpful and very curious about strangers. This place is similar to how parts of Bali were a few decades ago, with lots of small tracks weaving throught a vast coconut plantation and quality, uncroweded surf.

The style of accommodation is simple and comfortable, suited to the regional climate. The losmen is locally designed with high ceilings, large windows and wide verandas to capture breeze, keeping you cool in the tropical heat. It is situated on just under a hectare of water-front land directly in front of 'Ujung Bocur', the longest and most consistent wave in the area. In fact, the wave starts from beyond the southern boundary and continues all the way past the northern most boundary of the property. You can watch the waves peel down the point while sitting at the dining table.

The losmen is managed by Australian-Kiwi Nev Hines and his Indonesian wife, Ani. The staff are local Indonesians, who have a reasonable command of English and are committed to and well trained in looking after their guests. The place has a tranquil, laid back atmosphere, which is reflected in the how the place is surfed - with a spirit of equality, consideration and sharing.

There is no TV or DVD player! Just friendly staff, and guests from all parts of the world. So if you are not interested in learning how others live, sharing stories or just relaxing with nature, this place is not for you. Of course there is a sound system, which connects to iPods etc.

The losmen is owned by a syndicate of 5 Australian east coast surfers, known as the 'Big Rock 5'. It is registered with all the required local Indonesian authorities and is becoming welcome feature for regional tourist authorities.

Other Activities

The area is perfect for long walks along the beach, through the coconut plantations, damar gardens, rice fields and local villages. The area has been cultivated for centuries and traditional methods are still maintained. Guided nature walks can be arranged at the losmen.

There are good breaks in the reef for snorkeling, swimming and fishing. Further a field is the main town, with local markets, shops and restaurants. Day trips to other places of interest can be arranged from the losmen, including:

*Pulau Pisang (Banana Island), home of the famous ‘tapis' gold leaf & cloth weaving, and beautiful view back to the mainland
*Treks through virgin rain forest. Tigers and elephants, along with many other species roam wild in Sumatran jungles. Guided treks can be arranged at the national Park, about 2 hours drive away.
*Fishing – charter an outrigger canoe (with small outboard engine) with expert guide and chase sailfish, common in the area, along with the usual varieties of game fish. Spear fishing and snorkeling is also very good out the front on small days, or if the swell is running, in the calmer waters at the end of the bay.
*Hot springs of Danau Ranau – situated 2 hours drive from the losmen is the volcanic lake know as Danau Ranau.

Apart from the spectacular beauty for the area, its hot springs are the main reason people come to the area. This trip take the best part of a day and is a great option on small days, or if you are surfed out and your muscles need some attention.


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