Pichilemu Surfing

About Pichilemu

Chile is a strangely shaped country, twenty five times as long as it is wide. It's 4,300km (2,700mi) of coastline is the southern most surf region on the Pacific coast of South America. South Pacific lows pushed along by the Humboldt Current generate the most consistent swells on the planet, resulting in a surf excess rather than the usual problem of flat days. Just off the coastline of Chile is a deep- water trench, which plunges to depths of 8000m, and allows SW swells to hit the coast with speed and power. Together with the dominant S winds, perfect set-ups abound in the north-facing bays for reeling offshore lefts to create a goofy-footers heaven with a distinct lack of goofy footers! Pichilemu is probably the most famous name in this zone, which is called Region V and VI in the orderly numerical naming system of Chile.


  • Super consistent

  • Lots of long left point breaks

  • Great countryside

  • Laid back people


  • Cold water year round

  • Rainy winters

  • Windy

  • Hard access spots

Surf Spots