About Solimar Reef and Beach

Good reef waves a good long paddle offshore amidst thick kelp beds; mostly rights with heavy take-offs. Best with S swells and low tide. There are other easier rights on the inside straight out from the small parking area, best with winter NW swells.

Accessible by walking along pathways on either end of the Solimar community. Park in the dirt area to the south or along the road.

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Stormrider Guide for Solimar Reef and Beach
  • All Tides All Tides
  • Submerged reef with peaky waves Submerged reef with peaky waves
  • Boulders and Sand Boulders and Sand
  • S - NW S - NW
  • North Easterly North Easterly
  • 8 3 Swell Range 3 - 8ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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