South Piura Surfing

About South Piura

In a country boasting over 2,400km (1500mi) of surf pounded coastline with only 12,000 surfers, it's not too much of a hassle finding quality, uncrowded surf. Heading towards remote Bayovar seems un-necessary when the ultra long rides of Chicama are just a few hours south and the deep tubes of Cabo Blanco a few hours north. However, persistent rumours of 10ft barrels reeling forever are enough to lure the intrepid to this vast desert region of sand dunes and granite cliffs. Conditions are extremely harsh and for the most part, untouched by tourists (there isn't even a hotel) leaving daily activity to the companies that operate a pipeline bringing petroleum from the Amazon basin or tapping into one of the largest phosphate deposits in the world. Paita is the only real 'coastal resort' in the area as it provides a port and accessible beaches for Piura, the fifth largest city in the country, 50km (30mi) inland.


  • World-class lefts

  • Completely uncrowded

  • Always offshore

  • Pristine natural area


  • 4WD access only

  • Heavy line-ups and rips

  • Zero facilities

  • El Nino risk

Surf Spots