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Past Kammieland, a fun near-shore peak opposite Kammies Market, the famous Sunset Beach starts it's curve northwards. Incorporating Vals, Inside Bowl, West Peak, Middles and Sunset Point on the inside, this break has more personalities than reality TV. Under headhigh, NE windswell will still break at The Point, then overhead, W-NW swells start popping up over the fingers of reef at Middles, before double-overhead awakens Inside Bowl and maybe West Peak on a long period W-NW swell. Sunset's default mode is unpredictable as N swells will break up along the ragged hem of reef, while W will launch threatening slabs from wide, punishing the reckless in the turbulent inside. When the long, roller-coaster rights lead into the hollow Inside Bowl, board, leash and body snapping power is apparent, with many shutdowns and unmakeable sections before the wave fattens out into the channel. The real difficulty is trying to get a bomb set off the entrenched local crew on large boards who dominate, leaving mere mortals to dodge the bullets on the inside. 15ft Hawaiian for upper size limit when Outside Backyards sets start to wash through.

Rips, phantom sets and the wide playing field help dismantle the pack. Shallow when small at The Point, but it is rare to bounce at size when depth increases and hold-downs are long rag-doll affairs in mid water at the West Bowl.

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