I have lived in the Northern Illawarra for most of my life. I am a working musician and a surf photographer. It provides a nice balance as both are things I enjoy doing. I have a wife and 4 kids. My website is my portal to the local surfing community. I am fortunate in the surfing photography field in that I can get down to any of the numerous local breaks whenever they are working. I use a Sony A700 with a Minolta G Series 300 mm HS lens and a matching G Series 1.4 convertor for most of my shots. This combination is ideal as it is razor sharp. I also have a quiver of alternate lenses that I use when required. If you are toying with the idea of shooting surfing then my strongest recommendation is to get yourself a good prime lens rather than a zoom lens. The difference in clarity is chalk and cheese. I also shoot video footage and have produced 6 DVDs over the last couple of years. These are all shot with a Sony Full HD high definition camera. I see my site and work as a place where people can get high quality visual records of their time in the water. All of my images and footage will become increasingly valuable to the people in them over time. If you are in Hossegor then drop into my eldest son's bar restaurant. His name is Woodie and the Bar Restaurant is called Le Surfing. It is right on the beach at Les Estagnots, Hossegor. You will probably run into many of the top extreme skiers from around the world as he was a Pro skier for 10 years on the Salomon International team. He represented Australia in the half pipe and Big Air in a number of Winter X Games in USA and Australia. If you are after any of my images or DVDs then please check out my website where contact details, prices etc are available. Hope you get some good waves. Clarrie

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