About Vivier

The amazing contrast from the blown out north side of the peninsula to the straight offshore south side, is aided by the seemingly much lighter winds. From Club Med to Vivier, the reefs produce quality rights and lefts that are generally short on length, but not on power. These spots require careful judgement because any wipeout gives you a fair chance of hitting the bottom, which is covered in zillions of urchins.

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Stormrider Guide for Vivier
  • All Tides All Tides
  • Submerged reef with peaky waves Submerged reef with peaky waves
  • Uneven Reef and Sand Uneven Reef and Sand
  • SW - NW SW - NW
  • North Easterly North Easterly
  • 8 2 Swell Range 2 - 8ft

Swell Consistency and Wind Overview

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