About West Guerrero

The state of Guerrero is still haunted by the ghost of Petacalco, an insane, world-class right, in a land of mellow lefts. It's southern neighbour Oaxaca, is home of the most famous Mexican wave, Puerto Escondido, but it was Guerrero that catapulted Mexico onto the world tourism stage. The state became increasingly popular in the 1940s with the development of Acapulco, still the #1 tourist destination in the country today. In the 1970s the federal government tried to repeat Acapulco's rapid growth, and promoted Ixtapa Zihuatanejo as the place to go. Surfing began in the extremely mountainous state in the 1960s, with exploration based along a narrow, 500km (312mi) long, coastal strip. In the '70s surf explorers Naughton and Peterson unveiled Petacalco perfection to the world.


  • Long surf season

  • Saladita longboard heaven

  • Surf breaks galore

  • Good weather


  • No standout shortboard wave

  • Expensive resorts

  • Bandidos at work

  • Rainy season, hurricane risk

Surf Spots