Combined Sea State and Swell Components

Our forecast model offers two representations of the state of the ocean. One is an average of the whole sea surface comprising all swells and waves regardless of origin or direction. This are available as the combined swell component in the response.

While this can offer useful information about the sea state in deep water they are rarely applicable to the surf zone, for example a swell heading away from the beach will show in combination with a swell heading towards when only one can be making surf. For this reason we DON'T USE these parameters ourselves on MSW in our public forecast. We suggest you consider your application carefully and follow our example if applicable.

The second representation is a partitioned system that separates waves into swells likely to originate from the same storm, sharing similar sizes, periods and directions. These are available as primary, secondary and tertiary

The order as particularly important and be aware that not every component may have data depending on the location and conditions.