Info on GDPR

At magicseaweed, we aim to provide the best possible surf forecasting and content experience for our users. It’s also our goal to be open and transparent about the personal data we collect, how it’s used, with whom it’s shared, and how that data helps to make your magicseaweed experience better.

We’ve recently made some changes to our privacy policy to reflect the increased transparency requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (known as GDPR). While we’ve always strived to provide clear and simple information about the personal data we collect and how we use it, our updated Privacy Policy clarifies and provides additional information about:
privacy rights and how to exercise them;

*how we collect, use, share and protect personal data; and
*the legal bases we rely on to process personal data.

What is new?
To help our users understand and control the personal data they share with magicseaweed, we’re making the following updates:

*Your personal data and your rights - Our Privacy Policy now provides additional detail to help explain what personal data we collect about our users, how it is used and shared. It also includes information about what new and enhanced rights our users have in relation to their personal data.

*Additional controls over your communication preferences - You can now update your communication preferences at any time in your user account area.

*New Privacy Contact Information - For inquiries about your data, you can now contact magicseaweed any time by emailing Additionally, our updated privacy policy provides additional details on contacting the appropriate data authorities, who can be contacted directly by any individuals with data protection questions or concerns.

*Magicseaweed remains committed to ensuring our user’s privacy, and we aim to provide the utmost control over the personal data they share with us. The privacy and security of our users’ personal data is important to us.

The magicseaweed team