Brazil's Insane Mutant Slab: Avalanche

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Deep in southeastern Brazil there's this hideous-looking slab called Avalanche. And, sweet mercy, it takes a hardy soul to swing under the lip of this juggernaut.

A dedicated crew of surfers and bodyboarders recently did though with Andressa Galvão and Jair Ferreira from Straya Films in the thick of it, capturing moments of glory.

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“It’s about that time of the year when the infamous Brazilian slab ‘Avalanche’ awakens,” Andressa relayed to Surfline. “And over the past week, it woke up again. And it woke up furious. Avalanche usually breaks just a few times a year from May to October, and the local guys are spreading this wave to the world.”

Of course, mutant slabs near Rio are well known, remember Shock? MSW broke the exclusive about this hellish chunk a few years back. How d'ya think this thing compares?

“Located approximately 500km north of Rio, this wave was discovered by NXF Bodyboard, a local crew of heavy wave hunters,” says Andressa.

“It breaks over an underwater mountain chain which is 12 feet deep at its shallowest point, and more than 3km offshore. Since mid-2019, when a massive swell hit the east coast of Brazil, this wave has been on the radar of big-wave surfers all over the world. By that time, Brazilian surfer Ian Vaz had ridden the biggest wave ever registered in Brazil there, a 36-foot face.

“Fast forward to June 18-19 of this year, another great run of swell arrived on the southeast coast. Brazilian surfers Lucas Medeiros, Ian Vaz, Caio Vaz, Ziul and Gabriel, supported by the local crew NXF Bodyboard, went for a two-day strike mission to Avalanche. Although it wasn’t the biggest conditions we’ve ever seen out there, the surfers scored some decent waves.”

And hooeee, this thing really is something else. Hit play above and relish the carnage.