GALLERY: An Unseasonably Diverse Summer for Frisky West OZ

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Summer in Western Australia is a sticky heat. It is feet-blisteringly tough and really isn't a time you'd expect, or associate, to see decent surf. Locales like The Box are wrapped up in a deep sleep and the beaches give way to the tourist troop. Yet, this year, there's been a couple of unseasonal swells that have set the shores ablaze for a few frisky sessions at those heavy reefs, which usually lay dormant until autumn.

Now, there's a few universal truths when it comes to surfing, as we know. And perhaps one of the purest is there's no feeling like throwing whim to wind, loading up a couple of surf vessels and cruising with a few close mates to seek uncrowded waves, especially if that's during the throws of a humid, yet pumping, summer.

"The wind was wrong but Jedd Mattinson and I decided to go for it."

© 2019 - Tom Pearsall

Tom Pearsall is a lensman you may be aware of and knows a thing or two about #Vanlife. Tom's a West Oz local, and a grafter, making enough coin to fund that surf slash travel docu lifestyle. Tom (aka @driftwoodphotography_mr ) has been busy over the past few months capturing all you see throughout from his home land. And boy, does the west have a diverse coastline – as you may already know.

“Summer in WA?” Tom tells us, “It's usually feet-delaminating-lava-hot sand, yes. Blowflies in every uncovered crevasse, yes. Snakes in turbo mode, yes. Hole in the Ozone layer sunburned to hell, yes.

"Howling onshore, unseasonal massive swell saw the SW's best version of a pointbreak light up."

© 2019 - Tom Pearsall

“Decomposing whale carcasses attracting every white shark in the Indian Ocean, yes....West Oz becomes a  tourist Mecca during the summer season with pristine turquoise beaches brimming with man, woman and child. But, if you don't mind the heat, and incredulous amount of blowflies and all the things that can kill you, there are some gems to be discovered.

“This year especially we have had some unseasonal swells that have lit up heavier reefbreaks that usually remain dormant until next season, allowing the local talents to maintain their barrel tally and visitors to get a real taste of Indian Ocean power.

"Jerome Forrest. If I told you where this is I would be lynched. What I can tell you is this as good and big as I've ever seen it."

© 2019 - Tom Pearsall

“However, regardless how good it gets, like clockwork, every summer day, you'll look out to the horizon at around 9 or 10am and see the white horses approaching, from offshore. In the early hours they rear their heads into a howling onshore; the teetotallers revelling in the early morning glass and the indulgers missing out altogether, unless you're an aerialist, then it's paradise.”

"One of Margaret River's jewels in the crown. Consistent, left and right. Not as easy as it looks."

© 2019 - Tom Pearsall

© 2019 - Tom Pearsall