Essential Tips To Hack Your Surfing and Improve Your Balance

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If you're not familiar with the Surf Athlete program, it's a specific workout regime designed for to up any part of your surfing game. Check it out HERE. As part of a little taster of what's on offer, coach Cris Mills has been dropping vids on MSW over the past few months ranging from lockdown workouts, a routine to improve your core and paddling, all of which you can do at home.

Now, the latest in the chain has dropped, and this time, it is everything you need to improve your balance. With these four workouts combined, it'll give you a great basis to help improve your surfing. But there's more you (and I) can do. The Surf Athlete program is a 12-week regime that lays out your daily workouts -- do these four times a week (so one exercise on Monday, Tuesday, rest on Weds, Thursday and Friday, rest on the weekend) and you'll be cooking. See the full deal, HERE. Also, enter the code MSW to get some discount too. It's that simple.