INTRODUCING: Vans' First Ever Performance Surf Boot


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Back in 1966, Anaheim, California, brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren along with Gorden Lee opened the first ever Vans shop. Called the Van Doren Rubber Company, the concept was unique in that the bros made and sold their products on the premises. A revolutionary idea for a revolutionary time.

By the end of the 70s, Vans had around 70 stores stretched across California and was selling internationally through dealers. The largest clientele revolved around the skate scene, with the rough and ready designs picked up and owned by the movement.

Shoot forward to the start of the millennium and Vans had purchased the Triple Crown Series, including the Triple Crown of Surfing, marking their explosion onto the surf scene.

A fresh boot grounded in the company's roots.

A fresh boot grounded in the company's roots.

And since then, they've remained a main stay in our humble culture – but perhaps now is the first time we've seen Vans actually make headway in the performance surfing circuit, as they've just announced their first performance surf boot and fly-less surf trunk. Sure, Vans have delivered apparel and wetsuits for years, but their focus seems to have shifted with this latest release to appeal to the more performance-based athletes.

Here's what they say: “Innovative and elemental in design, Vans’ new surf booties come in two variations, Mid and Hi, addressing both warm and cold-water conditions. While the new Vans Surf Trunk integrates a unique, patent-pending trunk lock, a progressive side closure system to provide an easy, adjustable, and secure fit. These groundbreaking styles reflect a pivotal era in surfing today, as Vans pays homage to the pioneers and craftsmen that strike a defiant chord in surf experimentation.

“Grounded by the ubiquitous Vans Sidestripe and iconic checkerboard detailing, the Surf Boot Mid and Surf Boot Hi are designed 100% with performance and function in mind, emphasising feature benefits such as grip, skin-tight fit and climate versatility. “Everything Vans knows about skateboarding, like Vans’ original waffle grip and board feel, has been reimagined in a surf bootie design to elevate your surfing in all conditions. Vans’ surf booties are so grippy, you’ll want to wear them all the time, even in warm water! Every inch and stitch have been crafted for comfort and performance—Off The Wall and into the water.”

Vans constructed this new Surf trunk with a streamlined design in mind, building the trunk without a traditional front-facing fly or inseam. The side closure system and trunk lock provides a no-fly design. Featuring a premium Dupont Sorona fabrication to provide the perfect balance of stretch and strength, the Vans Surf Trunk enables all-day surf performance through soft, smooth and quick drying fabrics. All seams are sewn for durability and taped internally for comfort. The trunk comes equipped with anti-rash properties, so surfers can ride as smooth as ever.

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