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Over in Hawaii, surfing hasn't been outlawed like other places over the world. Sure, there's lockdown measures in place but if you can shred – the note is to shred responsibly, stay two metres apart, no crowding and get it in, get out, go home.

Kai Lenny's holed up on Maui, his home. And while shredding the local is still going on, life's changed quite a bit for the birthplace of our most humble of sports. We checked in with Kai to ask a few quick questions as part of our fresh series, Isolation Situation. Oh and we spoke with Mr Mick Fanning's earlier this week too, you can see that HERE.

Where are you locked down?
I am back home on Maui and, fortunately, we are free to surf and go in the ocean. However, there is no hanging out on the beach. There are big fines for sitting down on the sand and driving with more than one passenger. It's weird to see my home town of Paia all boarded up and empty, I hope all the restaurants and stores survive during these times. 

Who are you locked down with?
I am locked down with my girlfriend, but my brother lives in the house next door and my parents across the street. So as soon as I finished my self quarantine after my last trip I was able to hang out with them again.  

When was the last time you surfed and where, how was it?
I surfed at Ho'okipa for a couple of hours. Waves were fun and about 4 to 5 feet west swell. Slow to get set waves because of Molokai blocking the westerly swell, I believe it was 305 degrees. It’s so weird being in the line up and purposely not giving high fives and sitting six feet away from one another. 

What’s the best surf related thing you’ve seen on IG this week?
Honestly, that wave Koa Rothman got at Pipeline in mid-April was out of control. I felt like that ride could have won Wave of the Winter. Another new series I've been watching is Nic Von Rupp's Von Froth.

Last thing you ordered online?
I ordered some new camera equipment, mainly mics for my cameras. Maybe my favourite of the order was this tiny water-proof mic. Looking forward to capturing the comedy in the water with my friends. 

Favourite MSW webcam to keep the stoke alive?
I love checking Nazare and seeing big waves. But this time of the year it is small to flat. During the winter months Nazare never seemed to get under twenty feet. When I couldn’t surf big waves in Hawaii, I watched the cam and got stoked when I could see people surfing.

WATCH: Nazare live HERE.

Favourite tune to get you through lockdown?
There are many at the moment, currently the song of choice is Misirlou by Dick Dale. The ultimate surf song from when I was a kid!

Kai's tune of choice.

Last person you whatsapp’d?
Lucas Chumbo in Brazil, we just bought a new impeller for the Red Bull Jet Ski in Nazare.

Favourite lockdown drink?
Sparkling water and homemade smoothies.

Any new habits you’ve picked up during lockdown?
I have been writing a lot and planning projects for when the world isn’t under quarantine. My habit has been writing everyday. 

Here's where Kai Lenny feels a lot more comfortable, the hulking chunk of Nazare.

Here's where Kai Lenny feels a lot more comfortable, the hulking chunk of Nazare.

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Exercise routine?
I've been doing Zoom workouts with my trainer. Mainly working on activating and stretching the tiny muscles that get worked from surfing. Sometimes painful but life is so much more comfortable stretched out. 

What’s the first thing you’re doing post-lockdown?
Going on a surf trip somewhere.

Dream surf trip after lockdown?
I would love to go to Fiji or Indonesia. 

How are you staying sane?
Having a lot of projects and small goals to accomplish on a daily basis. That gives me something to strive for during the day.