Jamie O Brien's Launched the First Ever Soft Top Tour


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Oh how we think this is great! Sheath those tweaked out performance thrusters because Jamie O'Brien's just launched a soft top tour – coming to everywhere across the US from May through to October.

Here’s the deal; 13 socially distanced outdoor events in five different bodies of water; totally inclusive for beginners and experts, young and old alike (although you must be at least 16 to compete); quality time and talk story with Catch Surf teamriders like Kalani Robb, Ben Gravy and Blair Conklin; mad prizes; crazy fun.

And it's called Red Bull Foam Wreckers. “The whole soft-board movement is so fun, and the relatability of people surfing carefree is so appealing,” Jamie tells Surfline. “I feel like Red Bull Foam Wreckers is the coolest contest in the world, because anybody could win. It’s not about how good you are, it’s about how much fun you can have and how creative you can be. I want to see all the kids, all the families and all the local heroes show up, and I want to put on the best event possible for them. This is what life is all about, having fun and getting together!

First up...WACO.

First up...WACO.

Its inception? “It was Red Bull’s idea,” he said. “They came to me with it, and I was like, “Wow, this makes total sense! Partnering up with Catch Surf and Red Bull for a cool project like this — what an amazing thing to be a part of!” This is right up my alley.”

Keep an eye out for the full schedule, HERE.

Cover shot by Billy Watts.