JUST IN: Kandui Today 'One of The Best Days I've Seen Here in My Life'

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Kandui is a tough wave to surf well. It's a technically demanding, fast, hollow and heavy lefthander that is one of the best waves in the Mentawais. Thats doesn't mean it is for every one though. Today, Anthony Fillingim rode this wave near-flawlessly. Disappearing under a chucking lip before emerging victorious. It is rare we see such a wave surfed so well.

“I’ve been putting a lot of time out there the past months and getting a lot good knowledge tips from Justis [St John, filmer from @kanduiresort] and the last few days has just been something special and magical. Overall it’s been a trip of a lifetime, never had this much barrel time in my life so grateful for the opportunity that's been given to me at Kandui Resort.”

As Justis tells MSW: “It's one of the best days I've seen here in my life.”

Just. Hit. Play.