Laura Enever and Pals' Surf Trip Cruising in a Limo is the Light Relief We Need Right Now

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Remember when Laura Enever and a couplea pals reclaimed an old limo and skirted the coast seeking waves and places to skate? Of course! It was wonderful. Well, now, the second part's just dropped and it's probably the light relief we all need right now.

This Way – A Western Film features Nora Vasconcellos, Laura Enever, Jaleesa Vincent, Shanae Collins, Frankie Harrer and special guests Stephanie Gilmore, Nicole Hause and Jordyn Barratt. The crew drove across dusty roads from Texas to California.

"The '94 Lincoln Limo is bloody awesome," Laura relays to MSW. "It has so much character just like the old man we bought it from in New York last year who claimed he drove the rich and famous around in back in the day [laughs]. It was still filled with a bunch of old tapes, crystal glasses some really old tequila when we bought it…. it smelt pretty weird but it’s the best purchase of all time and the Patti team love it to bits.

"This Way - Part One was a road trip in our Limo surfing/skating down the East Coast of America and Part two we started in Texas and drove the limo through the South West to California. We surfed and skated through four states and had one hell of a time."

And, how they all know each other? "Our surf and skate worlds only just collided in the last two years through making these films with the Patti team and I can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner because it’s been so rad going on trips with all the girls."

Laura's skating skill, then? "Fucking crap [laughs] I’ve got a dent in my shin bone from trying to skate on our first trip. Maybe I’ll try again next trip...." Hit play above.