Louie Hynd Spins the Wheel and Surfs Where it Lands

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“Coming from the Gold Coast everyone's paddling over each other. But when you put in the time and have the opportunity to go to the middle of nowhere and experience that connection, just you and the ocean, it is pretty spectacular,” says film maker Darcy Ward about his latest cut Imagination Roulette.

And with the release of this 13 minute cut, fourth in the series, it is a culmination of four years worth of work featuring close friend Louie Hynd.

“We had a plan to work through and do the four episodes over 18 months, but it stretched out to four years,” says Darcy.

Some of number four’s footage they’d been sitting on since before COVID-19 hit. The rest was shot during road trips through 2020, weaving in and out of border closures. The pair spent a few weeks in NSW, then the South Australian border opened, so they crossed it. Somewhere in there was a charter down to Tasmania.

Eventually a blown eardrum saw Louie given permission to fly back into Queensland. “We crossed out of Queensland without knowing whether we’d be allowed back in,” says Darcy. “We thought eventually they’re going to have to open the borders, let’s just go.

“I think we were also motivated to get out of the Goldie during that time. Early in Covid it seemed like everyone in the world had decided to go surfing. It was more crowded than I’d ever seen it.” Hit play for the full cut above.