15 Year Old Who Who Calls XXL Nazare Home

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Young'uns doing remarkable things in surfing are many, nowadays. But that doesn't make feats usually reserved for older, stronger, counterparts any less incredible. This is Tony Laureano, youngest big wave surfer in Portugal who loves whipping into a Nazare hell bomb, either by tow when it's maxing or paddle. This lad isn't fussed.

Tony's surfboard is already displayed on the surfer’s wall in the Lighthouse Museum in Nazare, alongside big wave legends like Garrett McNamara, Ross Clarke-Jones and Rodrigo Koxa – that's how much of a name he's making for himself. In Portugal, he’s respected as one of the country's biggest promises in XL waves.

Forecast: Nazare

And if you're au fait with your European surf knowledge, you'll recognise him as the son of Ramon – legendary member of the ski rescue crew out at Portugal's behemoth.

“This kid been surfing Nazaré "since he was using diapers”, says Pedro Miranda, who cut the lil' edit above. “And we have all been looking at him as a promise inside this niche, but this past season he really stood out, he’s not just a promise anymore, the kid's got balls and he’s here to stay. He’s also the first of a Portuguese generation that grew up with Nazaré already being “Nazaré”, which makes him special and hopefully the first of many to come.”