MSW Has Joined Surfline


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Updated 26d ago

Back in 2017, magicseaweed joined with Surfline, to bring together the world's best surf forecasting websites.

For the past six years, the combined team have spent their time working on both MSW and Surfline – and this made sense, because we all share a passion for the ocean, forecasting and helping surfers find and surf more waves. This set up also meant our best ideas have been divided across two places. Over the next few months, we'll be saying goodbye to MSW, but bringing all the best features over to Surfline.

MSW Founder Ben Freeston talks with big wave surfer Jamie Mitchell and friend of magicseaweed, Damien Fahrenfort about MSW joining Surfline.

Ben Freeston, founder of MSW said: "I've spent the last two decades focussed on better understanding the ocean and sharing what I've learned with surfers everywhere. I'm proud of what we created with MSW but I always want to do more and this change really allows us to accelerate our progress. I'll miss seeing that logo at the top of the screen, but I care most about the team here doing what we love; which is building tools to help you go surf.

"I can't wait for everyone who has been using and supporting MSW for all these years to get their hands on the best of everything we've been creating, as we bring MSW and Surfline together."

The MSW team are already working across Surfline projects, as they have been over the past half a decade. Right now, the focus is on combining the top features of MSW and Surfline, which means Surfline will already feel familiar.

Surfline also has a range of fresh experiences, like live wind conditions across hundreds of spots.

Surfline's had a facelift to make it feel more familiar to anyone coming over from MSW.

Surfline's had a facelift to make it feel more familiar to anyone coming over from MSW.

If you have a MSW Pro subscription, this will automatically entitle you to a Surfline Premium Membership. For those who have free accounts, these will also be transferred over to Surfline. Keep an eye out for an email from us with more details, including how to activate your Surfline account. For more information, you can visit our FAQs section HERE

From all the team at MSW, we’d like to thank anyone who has supported us and followed our journey over the past two decades. Don't worry, we're not going anywhere. We’re excited to show you what’s next on Surfline.