Testing DouDou: A New iPhone Water Housing

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A few months ago, we revealed DouDou - a water housing for your iPhone that can stick on the front of your board and record your session, along with a few other nifty features like; how many waves you surfed, speed, plotting it all on a map to see exactly how long your ride was and where you took off from. It's a much cheaper alternative than a GPS watch and one you can make a little edit out of. Anyway, we handed it over to Simon Shields (who arguably uses more equipment like this than anyone else) to give it a thorough going over, which you can see above. His analysis? "This does the job" he says. "Feels solid and works - great alternative if you're looking to record your surfing." Proof above. The angle of the housing can be adjusted to film your whole body. And you can keep up to date with Simon's own YouTube series by going HERE.

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