The 24-Hour Mission: Harry Timson and Ollie Treacher on the UK Hurricane Hunt

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The premise was simple: Harry Timson, one of the UK's finest shifters of foam along with Ollie Treacher, omni-present videographer, were to go and score during ex-hurricane Sam on Friday October 8 and then turn over an edit within 24 hours. Why? Well, Sam’s still hot on the lips of everyone around and we wanted to see what these legends got as soon as possible. And if you don't hit it while the swell's on everyone's lips -- you've already lost. The pep talk? If those long period swells were closing out, go to the lip. If there was no lip, go above it. And yeah, the boys nailed it. Three (or four, we lost count) surf sessions from dawn til dusk. That was the mission. This is its delivery.

Cover shot by Luke Gartside.