Galicia Goes XXL

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That northern facing coast of Spain can be a magnet for powerful swells. Over the weekend, a strong pulse rifled into Europe and set off some of those nooks around Galicia (as well as further afield). Capturing the magic is Ikar Hegaldia.

"At first glance at the images we thought that the action would take place in Nazaré but it did not, we are in Galicia, a hostile place popular with big waves riders,” he said. In the water? Rémi Arauzo, Léo Havion, Eric Rebière, Lucas Chumbo, Julian Reichman, Pierre Rollet, Ian Cosenza, Joao De Macedo and more. Hit play for an XXL session.

Galicia's not all about huge waves though, there's a huge variety on offer if you know where to look. Check out our spot guide, HERE.