WATCH: Mind Surf Pavones, Costa Rica All Day Long

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Technically speaking, you can surf in Costa Rica from 5am to 8am while COVID-19 continues to run its course, though there's only been 12 deaths so far.

But when police told surfers during a pumping a swell: “We don't care. Go surf if you want,” then you can bet the locals didn't even touch the ground they moved so fast to get out there, especially when Pavones, that stunning left hand mechanical point, looks like the above.

“Over the next week, the town received a pulse of domestic tourism from frothing surfers, bringing all of the local businesses their first income in months,” said Mike Mausteller, a CRPR realtor from Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

“So we get to Pavones around June 8, day 1 of the biggest swell this month so far. Morning is stormy but people surf and are out of the water by 8am

“The next two days were special, sunny all day, absolutely pumping, all the locals out surfing and everyone surfed all day, the vibe was amazing. Everyone hooting and cheering and it absolutely fired.”