WATCH: Surfing in Siargao - A Visual Journey

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Back in December, Siargao, home to one of the world’s greatest reef breaks was completely obliterated due to typhoon Rai, Almost 400 people killed, more than half a million people displaced, no power, internet or electricity for days on end — and the lookout tower at Cloud 9, the Philippines’ greatest wave was destroyed.

But here’s a reminder of just how stunning the Philippines can be, courtesy of local lensperson Gaps Sabuero. The best surf films are the ones that reveal more than just the actual act of wave-riding. They build an atmosphere and show us a feel for their environment and unique location.

New Religion does this exceptionally, and takes you through the landscape of the Philippines and its many faces - not just the wave variety.

Siargao still needs your help. Hit play above and see HERE for how you can pitch in.