Watch: Reef Doig – The O'riginals

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Let's face it, the path walked on the way to Aussie surf stardom is well-worn. You skirt the coastline, competing in progressively more difficult comps as you grow up, hoping that by your mid-to-late teens, you break through into the QS. But for Reef Doig, the journey's been a lot more nuanced than your average Aussie potential.

You see, Reef grew up in Bali with his siblings, raised by their single dad Geoff - who is well known for his exploits at Cronulla in the 70s. Being in the land of plenty can sure dial in those tube-riding skills as Reef evidences so profoundly. Yet, the issue with Bali is exposure because it doesn't matter how many kegs you slide in and out of, if there's no one there to appreciate raw talent, how do you break into the wide world of pro surfing?

Reef on the far left.

Reef on the far left.

At the age of 17, Reef moved back to Australia – he wanted to study and take a swing at the pro Juniors. Moving from the relative freedom of Bali to Oz is a culture shock like no other, an admission Reef lays out in the above 6 minute cut, which outlines a young man's mission to go the distance. Dig in.