WATCH: Two Days Of People Getting Obliterated At Deadman's in Sydney

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When it's on, Deadman's near Manly in Sydney may just be your new favourite wave. The past two days has been make or break, mostly carnage, with the odd gem to tantalise the peanut gallery. Hell, you can see why it's earned its namesake. Remember the chaos yesterday? Well, now there's more from the second session shot just a few hours ago. It's raw, but equally as entertaining and grimace-inducing viewing.

We should stress, it's rare Deadies breaks like this and even when it does, resign yourself to observing before even contemplating getting out there. Anyway, there's a load of highlights to call out in the below clip from Luke Duce, but right off the bat, around the 40 secs mark, an unknown surfer makes the drop over the ledge before getting obliterated. It's a moment you can feel - later on at 4mins 15secs, some legend gets smashed through the lip of the wave. Oh it is heavy and etc etc but also, entertaining.

Forecast: Manly

Luke tells MSW: “It looks good from what you see online [laughs]. But it's real hard to pick a good one there, there's only a few crackers a day when it's this good.

And about the session? “Well I rocked up to the car park and saw spray coming up the cliff... I knew it was on. I’ve seen plenty of big swells hit Deadies but this one was something special. The vibe on the cliff was unbeatable with everyone whistling and cheering people into the sets.

Fresh paddle angle, just dropped.

“I’ve never seen so many broken boards and leashes... all washed up on the rocks. My mate Sandy (@sandywhits) charged one near the end of the day where he dropped off the step and lost his front foot and took a serious beating, it’s at 6mins 32secs on the vid from yesterday [below].

“Locals were saying how it’s one of the heaviest wipeout they’ve seen at Deadman’s...”

And the cover image you're looking at was sent in to Coastalwatch by Spencer Frost, who was shooting from the opposing headland at Queencliff. Spencer cut the frame out of his footage and pinged it over saying: “It's the best wave I've ever seen ridden in Sydney.”

Our at-a-glance chart for Manly on Wednesday.

Our at-a-glance chart for Manly on Wednesday.

Speaking to Coastalwatch, SurfAid CEO and longtime Manly surfer Doug Lees was amongst it: "Best day I have ever seen there, and I cannot believe how many people were charging. When I was growing up in Manly hardly anyone surfed there, and if you did you were hanging on the edge. Yesterday I counted 34 guys in the line up and most of them charging."

Our Tasman Sea swell chart paints a picture of the mechanics of the past few days. A huge SSE swell rifled into Manly on Wednesday, maxing out at 20.5ft @ 13secs. Although it eased overnight, as the footage attests, there was no let up in power. A few days that'll go down in history.

Our swell chart for the Tasman Sea, showing the system that helped birth these monster sessions.

Our swell chart for the Tasman Sea, showing the system that helped birth these monster sessions.