We Can't Think About Desert Point Without Jonathan Gubbins

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Like most dredging left hand kegs in Indonesia, Desert Point takes more than a few attempts to get dialled in. That's just what it takes to surf one of the world's best waves. Gnarly reef kisses aside, once you've begun to understand its many nuances, it is a playground for the hardiest of tube hunters. And now, it really has got to the point where we cannot think about Desert Point without Jonathan Gubbins' name emerging from our mental larder.

You see, the Peruvian's spent the past few years getting to grips with the throwing-est of DP (and Grower!) kegs, stacking more seconds under the lip than just about anyone else on the planet. When he says this is his best cut yet, titled Late Dust Bowl, it makes us sit up. This is some masterful threading of an Indonesian juggernaut. Enjoy.