Wetsuit Spotlight: Disrupting the Market with Needessentials' New Range


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Every so often, a fresh spin on surfing's formula will rise up and cause a bit of disruption in the market. Back in 2013, needessentials released the first iteration of their wetsuits – a charcoal-coloured suit that decided to wipe clean all hint of branding from their rubber. And in doing so, instantly made their suits recognisable.

A bold move, some would say, until you pick the mind of founder Ryan Scanlon, who started selling these suits off the back of his boat in Aus.

“The idea of needessentials started to form almost two decades ago,” he says: “I could never understand why you couldn’t buy surfing equipment without having to be plastered with some brands advertising all over the product.

“I’m a simplest in my own life. I live in a tiny home and have one surfboard in my quiver. I live that way not because I’m tight with money or I don’t value material things. I just prefer fewer things in my life, the things that I have, I value because they are made to last. I try to avoid advertising, so I don’t watch television or the news.”

And for the past seven years, needessentials have been supplying Premium Wetsuits and surf accessories direct to surfers. By only including things that contribute to the performance of a wetsuit, and excluding non-essentials such as branding and swing-tags, need's customers only pay for what they need in a product.

Through customer and rider feedback, the brand continually evolve and develop their wetsuits and product range. Now, in 2020, they're to offering 3 distinct collections of wetsuits to cover the temperate conditions that can be found in parts of the Mediterranean, through to the extremes that can be faced year round in the Arctic.

Premium ESSENTIAL Series

The Essential series, inside and out.

The Essential series, inside and out.

This series of wetsuits offers great value yet still features premium materials, that are light in weight, flexible and minimal in fuss.

The premium essential series includes 2.5mm spring wetsuits, 3/2 chest zip wetsuits and 4/3 chest zip wetsuits. All wetsuits within this range feature a limestone base 4-way mega stretch neoprene, triple glued and blind stitched seams, sealed with neoprene tape. The premium essentials series offers a performance wetsuit at a good price.

Prices start from £125.00 or €150.00
Premium THERMAL Series

An all-round performance wetsuit and their most popular series. The premium thermal wetsuits all feature 4-way mega stretch limestone neoprene throughout and a premium thermal linings through the torso of the wetsuit for additional warmth. Triple glued and blind stitched seams, sealed with neoprene tape complete the wetsuits throughout.

The premium thermal wetsuit series is available for both Men and Women in 3/2, 4/3, 5/4 and *5/4 Hooded (*men’s hooded only).
Prices start from £159.00 or €179.00
Liquid FAST DRY Series

The warmest series of wetsuits in the needessentials collection and an evolution of the brand's 2018/19 Fast Dry wetsuit. The new liquid fast dry wetsuit builds on the warmth offered in every thickness of neoprene and maximises the wetsuits ability to retain the surfers core temperature in the harshest of conditions.

As per all needessentials wetsuits, this series is built with 100 per cent 4-Way mega stretch limestone neoprene; however, the body and legs of the wetsuit are fully lined with a fast-drying thermal lining for optimum warmth. The triple glued and blind stitched seams are sealed from the inside with neoprene tape and externally sealed with a liquid flex taping, creating a better seal and aiding heat retention.

Prices start from £179.00 or €199.00.

All needessentials wetsuits and accessories are surf focused and designed by surfers for surfers. Shop HERE for the UK and HERE for the rest of Europe.

Cover shot of Laurie Towner by Andy Chisholm.