Wed 27th Aug 2008 8:00amRusty International presents ââ¬ËChangesââ¬â¢

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With Josh Kerr, Jamie Oââ¬â¢Brien, Jay Davies, Nate Yeomans, Paul ââ¬ÅMad dogââ¬Â Morgan Kalani Chapman, the Harrington Twins, Marlon Gerber, Kawika Stillwell and many more, ââ¬ËChangesââ¬â¢ puts the spotlight squarely on the boys in their prime. The lads, get pitted off their heads, bust massive airs and bring back pure surfing supremacy in locations like Hawaii, Indonesia & Australia. ââ¬ËChangesââ¬â¢ will also introduce the viewer to a slightly more conscience and aware side of the brand. ââ¬ÅGlobal Coolingââ¬Â is Rustyââ¬â¢s vehicle of change and encourages the viewer to join us in making this world a better place. With a clear environmental message but with a cool and relevant twist, Rustyââ¬â¢s mission is to help nudge the surfing youth of today towards making more informed decisions on how they inhabit our planet. With a killer soundtrack, ââ¬ËChangesââ¬â¢ combines impressive surfing with Music from Van She, WOW, Ghostwood, New Young Pony Club & more. ââ¬ËChangesââ¬â¢ exemplifies some of the freshest, most visually enticing surf footage ever captured throughout 2008. Filmed by Rick Rifici, ââ¬ËChangesââ¬â¢ will be released in Europe the 27th of October in Hossegor (Mysterious Venue). This will be an event on invitation where Rusty more than releasing its brand new video will celebrate the Global Cooling values of surfing. Canââ¬â¢t we have fun around some ethical Ideas? Rusty and its international team (Josh kerr, Jamie Oââ¬â¢Brien and Jay Davies) will prove that itââ¬â¢s possible. If you want to come with us and party, check out this webpage you might win some full VIP pass including: hotel night, food, party and private session with Josh Kerr and Jay Davies.
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